Adult Berean Sunday School Classes - Each Sunday from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m.

Classes will begin in May 6, 2018 and end in August 26, 2018. It's never to late to join in!


Taught by Various Teachers - Rooms 101-102

Come explore the “Treasury of David,” as Charles Spurgeon aptly named the book of Psalms. There is no book in the Bible that Christians turn to as often as the Psalms for emotional support. From thanksgiving to lament to praise, the book of Psalms cover all our emotional responses to God. This class will study thirteen psalms that cover the breadth of the psalter. Selections include Psalms that express wonder at God’s natural and special revelation, the wonder of God’s benefits, the blessedness of forgiveness, and the seeking of forgiveness.

The Communion of the Saints

Taught by Various Teachers - Room 109

When we recite The Apostles’ Creed, we say that we believe in “the communion of saints.” Have you ever given thought to what that means and involves? This class will explore the theology and the practices that make up the communion that we saints (yes, you are a saint) have with one another.

For All the Saints

Taught by Various Teachers - Room 111

This class picks up from last year’s hit class on figures in church history. We will travel from the second century to today, meeting apologists, martyrs, poets, missionaries, and evangelists. Five women will be presented. Come see how God has used diverse people to spread the good news of the gospel and build his world-wide church.