When the four through six year-olds leave the sanctuary during the Sunday Morning Worship Celebration, they are led back to the Preschool Room (Room 107) and spend the next thirty minutes in their own special time. 

In September 2017 we will begin the "My ABC Bible Verses" curriculum by Susan Hunt, former director of Women's Ministry for the PCA. Each Sunday the study will relate to a letter of the alphabet, which will be reviewed after a few weeks. There will also be Christmas lessons and Easter lessons. (Please go here for a list of memory verses.)

The psalmist said, "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against Thee." (Psalm 199:11 KJV) God's Word fortifies our children against sin because it tells them about Jesus and their need for Him. The person who helps a child hide the Word in his or her heart gives that child a rich inheritance. many testify that they have never forgotten the verses they memorized as children. Many also testify that they have never forgotten the person who taught them the Word. 

This study is written to help give a precious legacy to the children we love. God's Word is the infallible, authoritative rule for faith and practice. Most of the verses in this study are about how we practice what we believe, but our practice must never be separated from what we believe. 

The stories are written to teach children about grace. We must never hold God's Word before our children as a standard of behavior that they can achieve in their own effort. These stories remind the child about his or her need for the Holy Spirit to give grace to obey. We are saved by grace, and we live by grace. We must not teach our children anything less that the splendor and the sufficiency of God's Grace.

If you have any questions, please call the church office (706-484-0600) or email at You can also pick up brochures on the "Nursery," "Children's Ministry," and "Sunday School" at the Welcome Center in the church narthex.