When the four through six year-olds leave the sanctuary during the Sunday Morning Worship Celebration, they are led back to the Preschool Room (Room 107) and spend the next thirty minutes in their own special time. Our Preschool Worship curriculum is by Grapevine Studies, where the students will study the major characters and events of the Bible beginning with the Old Testament in a chronological format to help establish their biblical framework. With our teachers' guidance, our students study each lesson by reading passages from the Bible and drawing each section of Scripture, using what Grapevine Studies call stick figuring. Stick figuring is using stick figures, symbols, colors, charts, and words to illustrate each Bible passage.This method allows students to interact with the Bible passage and be as creative as they desire. At the end of each lesson a set of review questions is given to ensure that students have grasped the essentials of the passage (the who, what, where, when, why, and how). Each lesson ends with a Bible memory verse that is related to the lesson.

Grapevine Studies believes that students who are taught using reading, hearing, and drawing will have a higher retention rate that those who are just lectured. They also believe that teaching the Bible in a chronological and sequential format is best for long-term memory and life impact. Our goals for students are that they will:

  • Desire to serve the One that all history pointed toward: Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah. Once students become believers, to teach them to know God and live a holy life.
  • See God's interaction and movement through history as He dealt with nations and individuals so that they will be able to recognize God's movement and interaction in their own lives.
  • Have a Biblical framework in place that will encourage and inspire them to study further on their own and to understand the context of the passages they read in the future.
  • Learn from those who have lived before them.

 If you have any questions, please call the church office (706-484-0600) or email at You can also pick up brochures on the "Nursery," "Children's Ministry," and "Sunday School" at the Welcome Center in the church narthex.