March 2018

Karen Hodge is the Women's Ministry Coordinator the PCA Discipleship Ministries. The following is a note from her after the March 2018 Leadership Conference encouraging churches to use the resources from the conference for our local Women's Ministries. To view photos from the conference, visit the Connect PCA Women's Ministry Facebook Group

Sticky Ministry: Word-Based & Relationally Driven Women's Ministry Leadership Training 2018 was a time filled with rich connections and robust teaching. We are incredibly thankful to Kevin DeYoung, Susan Tyner, Paula Miles, and the rest of our LT teaching team for seeking to build up and equip the local church for kingdom ministry. I encourage you to steward the resources below for your own personal edification as well as the women in your church. It is our joy as a Women's Ministry Team to serve you in an ongoing way to resource you at the local and regional levels. So, let's look to find strategic ways to stay connected to Christ and one another in the coming year!


A Pilgrimage - Betters
Case Studies for LGL - Hodge
Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
Cross-Generational - Bethany Phillis
Event Planning 101 - Guthrie Blog Post - Nancy Guthrie
Event Planning PowerPoint Presentation
I'll Stick By You - CB Campano1
I'll Stick By You - CB Campano2
I'll Stick by You - CB Campano3
Leadership That Sticks - Dobbs
Life Giving Leadership1 - Hodge-Hunt
Life Giving Leadership2 - Hodge-Hunt
Presbytery Ministry - Wilson
Relational Idols - Dykas
Relational Quagmires - Barthe
Sacrifice of Praise - Taylor
Small Group Bible Study - Locke-Helms
Small Group Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
Sticky - Susan Tyner
Titus 2 - Cogdill
Transgender - Dykas
United in Sacrifice and Praise
Women's Ministry 101 - Hunt
Writer's Affinity - Barthe-Ivill

Plenary Sessions

Three Women and No Funeral - Kevin DeYoung
Open Doors Open Hearts - Kevin DeYoung
STUCK When Leadership Gets Mess - Susan Tyner
Cherish Love Gift 2018
Sticky Stories Songs and Sweet Treats
Paula Miles - A Building-A Body-A Bride - Paula Miles

Workshops - 1

A Pilgrimage Fueled by Hope - Sharon Betters
Bearing All Things - Susan Shepherd
Emotional Wholeness - Ellen Dykas
Event Planning - Kathy Wargo
Leaders that Stick - Donna Dobbs
Women's Ministry 101 - Susan Hunt

Workshops - 2

Our Stickiest Murkiest Relational Quagmires - Tara Barthel
Small Group Bible Study - Sara Ivill
The Covental Life - Sarah Ivill
Titus 2 for the 21st Century - Melanie Cogdill
Understanding the Transgender Struggle - Ellen Dykas

Workshops - 3

Fostering Cross Generational Conversations - Bethany Phillis
I Will Stick by You - CB Campano
Is Anybody Out There - Jane Ann Wilson
Life Giving Leadership - Susan Hunt and Karen Hodge
The Healthy Heart - Sara Ivill
United Praise and Sacrifice - Ronjanett Taylor and Candace Robins