Pastor's Perspective 

The Priesthood of the Believer

October 31st is Halloween or Reformation Day if you are from a strongly reformed church background. It is also, in much of the world, known as All Saint’s Eve with November 1st being All Saint’s Day. It feels like we have largely ceded the day to the goblins and ghouls. Maybe that is a false impression, but that is how it feels. It’s a great time to pull up some Martin Luther quotes and think about the monumental shift that occurred because of his 95 Thesis.

One of the biggest shifts that occurred 500 years ago was what is called the “priesthood of all believers.”  It was a radical shift back to the gospel that had been preached in the early Church. 1 Peter 2:9 says that all believers are considered a “royal priesthood.” As members of the Church, with Christ Jesus as our head, we are all priests. We offer our bodies as living sacrifices and we no longer need a priest because Jesus has offered the final sacrifice, himself(!), on the cross.

What a radical idea! There are now no official earthly “priests” who are of the old order. They have vanished. Free and open access to God himself through the blood of the Lamb of God is the order of the day!

And what a gift it is to be a part of a local body of believers at LOPC that evidence each day the priesthood of believers as they go about serving one another in the name of Christ. Your service to each other and to the community is a spiritual act of worship that ascends into the heaven’s and is made perfect by Christ Jesus himself!  Thank you for embracing this reformation idea and for it living it out so well!

Pastor Sam