Pastor's Perspective 

Dear Church Family,

Well, I suppose you have heard the news by now; I didn’t hold onto the Cornhole Crown.  Russ Murray is now in possession of that crown.  I have a long list of reasons that I didn’t win, but the real reason is that Russ was better!  It used to bug me when someone was better at something than I was, but as I’ve grown to understand how God made “ME!” I have been able to let go of that feeling.  I am, as they say, comfortable in my own skin.  Are you?  Have you found that comfortable place of service in the Church?  Please take a look at the Ministry teams and see where you can serve.

Speaking of serving, I had my 6-month review while I was at drill a week or so ago.  The most meaningful item to come out of the experience was that a Colonel with 26 years of military experience told me this was the first time in his career that he knew the Chaplains on base.  We work hard to touch the men and women in our units each drill period and it sounds like we are being successful.  Thank you for allowing me to serve the Airmen of the 172nd Airlift Wing.

I will be away for my 2 weeks of Annual Training during July, and for the first time will be conducting training with all our Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants.  We have never done a trip like this and I am hoping it will further strengthen and prepare our office for anything that may come our way.

Happy Independence Day!

Pastor Sam Smith