Pastor's Perspective 

What's Your Perspective?

One month from today the big schedule begins—SEC football! Sam’s Screamin’ Eagles take on the Louisville Cardinals and Marion’s Gamecocks face powerhouse Coastal Carolina, a sure nail-biter. There will be other minor games involving Georgia, Alabama, and other nondescript teams.

No doubt some readers will protest that the above paragraph represents a narrow, even skewered perspective about what is important. After all, how could Vanderbilt be left out? Some, as unbelievable as it may sound, might be annoyed by the mere mention of SEC football; and it is even possible that someone could possibly maybe ask what’s the big deal about football.

It is all a matter of perspective. What is your perspective—not about football but about the kingdom of God? When you take in the news, do you think like a football coach who is tuning in and tuning out according to what will advance his football program? Do you tune in and tune out according to what will advance God’s kingdom, according to what will enable you to do your part in witnessing for the gospel? When an earthquake rocks Indonesia, do you pray for the churches in that country and for their outreach? When you read about the immigration problem, do you pray for missionaries such as Jonathan and Beka Hastings witnessing to refugees in Clarkston? Indeed, as the “Lakeview Senior Gardens” building goes up across the street, are you thinking how the church could effectively minister to the residents?

It is all about perspective. We pray, we strategize, we adapt, we act on what matters to us. In one month the new church year begins as ministries and small groups pick up again. Are you praying now about your involvement, how you can contribute to the success of LOPC’s role in advancing God’s kingdom? What’s your perspective?

Your pastors,

Sam and Marion