Pastor's Perspective 

Septic Trucks and Clay Pots

As I was heading home yesterday I saw a jarring combination.  A huge American flag with giant lettering, “We Support Our Troops!”  Always nice to know that folks are supporting our men and women in uniform.  It was its location on the side of a big septic truck that had my mind whirling.

One of the features of the gospel, Paul tells us, is that God has used simplicity in the messaging to confound the wise men and sages.  So, for instance, Jesus took on flesh and became a baby.  Similarly, he took up the cross in an act of selflessness to open the door to God for men.

Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians turns to this very theme when he tells them that God has placed the gospel in clay pots (2 Cor. 4:7).  And the image, lost on us, is of pots that were used for the most menial of household chores.  Paul says the gospel of Jesus Christ has been placed in these pots!  The pots are you and me.  Those pots, those common vessels, refer to the believers Paul is writing to.  We are clay vessels.  We are the septic trucks displaying for all the world to see, not a patriotic slogan, but the life-saving truth that Jesus saves sinners.

As we approach Christmas, don’t miss similar messaging that is found all through the Christmas narrative.  It starts with simple folks like Joseph and Mary.  It continues through the situation involving the stable and the inn.  From there it moves out into the fields and those shepherds who were watching their flocks at night.  Finally, it ends right here in folks like us: broken, battered, sinful men, women, boys and girls who have been shown grace and now carry the message of the cross for all the world to see.  Let that message shine, my friend, in all you do—never mind that it is tattooed on a clay pot or even a septic truck.

A fellow clay pot,

Pastor Sam Smith