Pastor's Perspective 

What generation are you in?

We will not hide them from their children,
    but tell to the coming generation
the glorious deeds of the LORD, and his might,
    and the wonders that he has done.
Psalm 78:4

GI/Greatest Generation: 1901–1926
Mature/Silent Generation: 1927–1945
Baby Boomers: 1946–1964
Generation X: 1965–1980
Generation Y/Millennium: 1981–2000
Generation Z/Boomlets/New Silent: 2001–Present

If you are in the first two generations, you probably don’t like being labeled (unless you like the “Greatest Generation” label. One of us is a Baby Boomer; the other is an X-man, which sounds a lot cooler (or is that Baby Boomer speech?). It gets complicated trying to identify one generation from another. Even so, there are differences in the way we think, process what is happening, become accustomed to, etc. Surely there have to be differences between a generation that remembers gathering around the family radio and the generation that uses cellphones as radios, TVs, and computers. There must be some difference for a generation in which it was presumed that the wife stayed home and the generation which presumes that the wife is bringing home her income. Since the Baby Boomers the changes in what is considered moral and ethical have changed often and quickly. It is becoming more and more difficult for one generation to understand how the next generation thinks and operates.

Even so, some things never change. God does not change. He is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. God’s truth does not change. His Word abides forever. The gospel of salvation does not change. There remains but one name under heaven by which we are saved¬¬—Jesus Christ.

What may change are the means by which we communicate these truths: the technology we use, the forms of speech, etc. There may be changes in the manner. The newer generation listen more easily to story rather than to intellectual propositions. Whatever the case, what remains the same is the commission given to us that we understood centuries before Jesus declared the Great Commission. We are to tell the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord. We are not to hide them from our children.

May LOPC be ever faithful to boldly and clearly proclaim the glorious deeds of God, and in particular THE glorious deed of Christ’s saving work. May we be faithful to proclaim to all generations. May 2018 not end without new spiritual births. Pray for us as your pastors to be faithful in our preaching and teaching. Know that we pray for you to be faithful in your witness and service to our Lord.

Pastor Sam Smith and Pastor Marion Clark