We have eagerly awaited the beginning of 2021. Somehow, it must be a better year than 2020. Perhaps, but I give thanks to the Lord for what I have learned and gained from this past year.

Practical: I learned how to:

- livestream

- how to record radio talks, which led to

- writing new stories I previously procrastinated writing

- how to Zoom with family and church family

- how to adapt to everchanging circumstances

Home: The original lockdown and ongoing restrictions created:

- more time to spend with my wife and family

- opportunity to catch up with reading and projects

Church: The changes and challenges led to

- preaching the series on Hebrews I’ve always wanted to do

- creativity in planning worship

- collaborating with Amy on the cantata

- learning and being encouraged by you how to keep faith in the Lord’s sovereignty

What can you give thanks for? What blessings would you count? Can you name them one by one? I look forward to hearing what they are.

Pastor Marion Clark