LOPC turned twenty in May 2019, marking the date that we were officially organized as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of America. Our beginning goes back to 1996 when Pastor John Kinser moved to the area and began small group meetings with six families. The first services were held at the Gazebo on Reynolds, soon moved to the clubhouse at Sebastian Cove, then to our third and fourth church homes in Lake Oconee Park I and II. The growing congregation would meet in its fifth location at Lake Oconee Professional Office Park before finally settling into its present facilities which it completed building in September 2003.

John Kinser had moved on in 2000 for more church-planting work. He was followed by Joe King who would oversee the continual growth of the church for the next twelve years. The church called its third senior minister in 2015, Sam Smith.

Located in an area of flux, in that many people continually move in and out of the Lake Oconee community, the church has seen many changes in membership and personnel. Even so, several constants have remained. We have stayed committed to expository preaching, meaning that our pastors are devoted to teaching the Scriptures. We have stayed committed to proclaiming the Gospel and emphasizing the grace by which we are saved. And we have stayed committed to loving our neighbors. We look forward to how the Lord will lead us and use us for his glory in the future in our beautiful lake community.