What's Important?

Did you know that after this coming Sunday we will have fourteen new members of LOPC? What a great blessing the Lord has provided in giving to our church family new brothers and sisters. We asked them why they wanted to join LOPC. Here are some of the answers given. See if you can spot a trend. Do these reasons match yours when you joined LOPC?

“The consistent teaching of Scripture and theology.”

“We believe the Word is being taught at LOPC and there is a system of accountability.”

“We have been longing for a Gospel-centered church home.”

“Strong evidence from pastors and congregation that they are led by the Word of God.”

“Congregation is relationally engaged in a broad range of ministries that serve the Lord.”

“Very helpful at connecting with new people.”

“The Word is preached as God gave us, not a watered-down form.”

“The people are really friendly.”

“I feel like this is a community of Christians who will be there for one another.”

“I love worshipping here and I enjoy Sunday school—have learned much.”

“The church embodies our need for biblically-based sermons without changing or modifying the truth of the Word, as well as our evangelical responsibility to reach out to our community to demonstrate the love and grace that God gives us to others.”

“It’s important to me that my church teaches from the Bible as authoritative.”

“We desire a church that is committed to preaching the Word of God.”

“We are inspired by and believe in the LOPC vision statement.”

It does strike me that they are singling out what should matter in a church: the preaching and teaching of God’s Word; real community within the church body; commitment to outreach. May we continue to be faithful in these qualities and endeavors.

Rev. D. Marion Clark
Assistant Pastor