Adult Berean Sunday School Classes - Each Sunday from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m.
Classes change once a semester and run Jan-April, May-August, and September-December. 
It's never to late to join in!

Westminster Class - Finding Christ in the Old Testament - Rooms 101-102

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible reveals God’s redemption plan for his people. We will search the Old Testament books for how Jesus is revealed and how the OT writers revealed the full glory of Christ from Genesis to Malachi.  So, join us as we journey through the Old Testament seeking the great promised King 

SALT (Sharing and Learning Together) - Sacred Marriage - Rooms 111-112

What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy? Sacred Marriage, by Gary Thomas, doesn’t tell how to build a better marriage; it shows how your marriage can help you deepen your relationship with God. Whether newly-married or long-time veterans, join the discussion of how your marriage can become a doorway to a closer walk with God.

Women's Class - Irresistible Faith - Room 110

What if Christians became the best advertisement for Jesus? Jesus said his followers would be a light to the world and a city on a hill--a warmly inviting, neighbor-loving, grace- and truth-filled destination for all. Through Irresistible Faith: Becoming the Kind of Christian the World Can’t Resist, by Scott Sauls, we will discuss how to be Christians who display an irresistible faith.  

Men's Class - 1-2 Timothy and Titus - Room 109

The letters to Timothy and Titus are among Paul's most personal and practical epistles. The apostle writes to instruct these younger men in the importance of sound doctrine and to urge them to rebuke false teaching. Learn how Paul's letters exhort all Christians to protect and pass on the true gospel of Jesus Christ, which has the power to save and transform sinners.