Atlas Ministry, Inc. 


Lake Oconee Presbyterian Church sponsored their second summer camp June 2016 for the children involved in the programs of Atlas Ministry.

ATLAS Ministry, Inc. is a non-denominational Christian organization serving Greensboro, Georgia and the surrounding area. Formed in Greene County in 2006, ATLAS is a Christ-centered community resource that works with families who are committed to setting their lives on a healthy and productive path. 

Each day the children had Bible study as well as classes that taught the importance of showing respect for God, for teachers and parents, and for themselves. They participated in fun outdoor activities such as a three legged race, relay race, obstacle course, bean bag toss (corn hole), tug of war, fishing and basketball.  

On Friday night there was a dinner including presentations by students on what they had learned in camp.  Students had the opportunity to display the training and skills they had learned and enjoyed a meal with their parents, volunteers, and ATLAS staff.

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