The Christmas celebration is over from a commercial aspect. The gifts have been purchased, the homes have been decorated, the friends have been invited in for fun and fellowship, and Santa has visited with his smiles and chuckles, and then everything goes back to normal. But, not for the people and children from the Appalachian area.

Participation in the very small party for the children and adults, and distributing the Christmas gifts prepared by the volunteers from Lake Oconee Presbyterian can have very special meaning to the Christian, who is serving as Christ's minister. 

About four or five times each year, the Central Georgia Christian Food Bank makes this trip to Anawalt, WV. There are opportunities to load the truck and trailer, deliver the food and gifts and to help distribute the boxes of food to these very humble appreciative people.

Jesus waits with open arms for any who will come. There are additional areas that received food from the Food Bank, which include local distributions in Greene and Putnam counties, and also in Kentucky. Each of us has the ability to make ourselves available for the ministry of Christ, using our God given energy, abilities and talents.

Buddy Crews
President, Central Georgia Christian Food Bank