Short Term Mission Trip to Lexington, SC 

On November 12-13, 2015 a group of three drove to Watershed Fellowship, a PCA church in Lexington, South Carolina for a few days of sharing God's love with the people and buildings that were affected by floods. The following is a report that was submitted by John Meyer:

Our group included Pastor Clark, Dick Forrester, and John Meyer. For two of us, this would be our first venture into doing disaster relief work for the PCA Missions to North America. This was also intended to be an opportunity to learn what this work was about, so that we would be better informed for future forays. On the first day, our work involved finishing the sheet rock on a church member’s home. Several teams came before us and the work was fairly complete. We finished the work of sheet rocking on the morning of the second day. Before we finished this home, we inscribed a few biblical messages on the back side of the sheet rock over the door. All who enter by this door will hopefully be blessed by the presence of God's word.

The remainder of the second day, we joined other teams working on Watershed Fellowship, which is PCA church plant. The church meets on the lower level of a multi-tenant building. The lower level is now shared by a breakfast/brunch restaurant. This building, which is located by the water, was originally a mill. Two dams broke in the area and flooded the church, restaurant, and other tenants who were on the lower level prior to the floods. The other tenants moved upstairs or decided to go out of business. The owner of the building then had a lot of square footage that was unleased. Opportunity now existed to double the square footage of watershed church. An agreement was met to do so.

Our work at Watershed Church now included removing walls to increase the size of the worship area and to add a lot more Sunday School rooms. We were doing both demo and new construction. We had about a group of 15 working at the church both Friday and Saturday.

Terrific fellowship. That will be my biggest memory of this trip. I worked with teams from Tennessee and North Carolina PCA churches. What a blessing for me to share time and God's message with other wonderful Christian men and ladies.