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The Gospel Coalition   thegospelcoalition.org   Evangelical topics from a Reformed perspective.
Monergism monergism.com Reformed sermons and articles.
The Aquila Report theaquilareport.com Features five new articles from around the web-word each day.
D. Marion Clark dmcresources.com Sermons, devotions and other writings
Dr. Albert Mohler albertmohler.com Cultural commentary from a Biblical perspective
Rev. Timothy Keller timothykeller.com Founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan
R. C. Sproul theligonier.org The teaching fellowship of R. C. Sproul


The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert        Dr. Rosaria Butterfield            
Triumph of the Lamb Dr. Dennis E. Johnson
The Gospel Centered Life Robert Thune and Will Walker
The Art of Neighboring  Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon
Redemption Accomplished and Applied  John Murray
Let the Nations Be Glad  John Piper
Telling the Story of Jesus  D. Marion Clark (see link to dmcresources.com above
What Matters      "                       "                          "
To Know Wisdom: Meditations on Proverbs      "                       "                          "
The Problem of Good (editor)      "                       "                          "
 Joseph: Exalted Through Trials  F. B. Meyer
 Living in the Light of Inextinguishable Hope  Ian Duguid
 Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors  Voddie Baucham, Jr.
 You'll Get Through This (devotional quality)  Max Lucado
 IVP Commentary on Genesis  Derek Kidner (the gold standard for concise commentary)
 Genesis (volume 2) Commentary  John Currid
 Genesis (volume 3) Commentary  James Montgomery Boice


Christian Biographies     Brothers, Read Christian Biographies        by John Piper
The Gospel Coalition The Doctrine of the Trinity   Kevin DeYoung, Contributor

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